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Our Members

The Stollery Women’s Network’s vision is to support continued excellence of care for children’s health, to be ambassadors for children’s health and to create new level of philanthropy for children’s health. The SWN advocates for those that cannot advocate for themselves.

Our Structure

Stollery Women's Network

Meet our Executive

  • Carrie Doll, Stollery Women’s Network Chair
  • Darcie Roach, Stollery Women’s Network Vice Chair
  • Stacey Denham-Gibson
  • Deb Dodd
  • Robyn Eeson
  • Karla Horcica
  • Kathy House
  • Stacey Johnson
  • Erin Kirby
  • Karen Klak
  • Karen Lequier
  • Debra Somani
  • Cassandra Sturt
  • Lydia Talpash

Meet our sub-committees

Click on the bullseye below to find information about our committee members.

  • Andrea Adams
  • Carleen Androschuk
  • Anna-Maria Belem
  • Samantha Kernahan
  • Kylie Pollard
  • Nicola Scott
  • Rebecca Smilie
  • Carla Wilson

  • Erin Kirby, Co-Lead
  • Jennifer Bergman, Co-Lead
  • Desiree Hughes
  • Gabrielle Willisko
  • Tysier Main
  • Megan Schwann
  • Lisa Sadd
  • Catherine Vu
  • Jane Webb
  • Candace Wolfe

  • Kerry Bezzanno, Lead
  • Kirby Bourne
  • Isabel Cave
  • Kate Cheeseman
  • Karen Schultz
  • Shannon Scott

Family and Patient Support
  • Michelle Devlin, Lead
  • Jen Assinger
  • Stacey Brotzel
  • Karen Calhoun
  • Jenny Chia
  • Mel Fix
  • Lori Gnenz
  • Katie Milroy
  • Brenda Waluk

  • Robyn Eeson, Lead
  • Karla Horcica
  • Kathy House
  • Lydia Talpash

Foundation Staff
  • Stacey Johnson – SWN Program Lead, Recruitment, Events and Executive
  • Karen Faulkner – Executive
  • Aleesha Bruno-Jex – Communications
  • Kayla DuChene – Events, Executive
  • Aneesa Murji – Family & Patient Support
  • Jamie O’Connell – Communications

We invite you to lend your unique voice to this growing network of dedicated women.

To join the Stollery Women’s Network, please contact:

Brianne Thomas
Senior Development Officer, Stollery Women’s Network Program Director
Stollery Children's Hospital Foundation