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The Cause

Stollery Children's Hospital Foundation

The Stollery Women’s Network is proud to serve our community as Stollery Children’s Hospital Foundation ambassadors.

Giving Comfort campaign
Goal: $400,000 to provide comfort items during emergency visits

Sometimes it’s the littlest things that make the biggest difference. Warm blankets for much-needed cuddles in cold treatment rooms. Toys to distract kids while waiting for life-changing test results. Toiletries for freshening up when a day in the emergency unexpectedly turns into a night.

Every day, about 130 families visit the Stollery’s emergency room – often in distress and unprepared. While doctors and nurses at the Stollery focus on providing world-class medical care, our donors will provide some of the comforts of home at the Hospital when it’s needed most.

Your monthly donation of $25 buys comfort items for 15 emergency visits per year – a larger gift of $100 per month supports 60 visits.

Please donate today!

About the Stollery Women's Network

Our goal
Our goal is to:

  • learn about needs at the Stollery Children’s Hospital
  • act as passionate advocates for the Hospital
  • fundraise for the Foundation to support excellence at the Hospital

Our support
Fundraising efforts come in big and small packages, from backyard parties and silent auctions to bake sales and golf tournaments.

Donor contributions — no matter the size — are essential to make sure that a level of excellence exists within the framework of how the Stollery cares for our community’s sickest kids. Together, we can keep the Stollery Children’s Hospital world-class when it comes to delivering specialized, acute health care to kids who need it most.

About the Stollery Children’s Hospital
The Hospital is the only specialized pediatric health care facility in central and northern Alberta. There are more than 210,000 patient visits to the Hospital each year, and that number is growing.  Hospital staff dedicate themselves to making sure as many kids go home as possible; they do this in spite of physical constraints, geographic hurdles and limited resources.

About the Stollery Children’s Hospital Foundation
The Foundation funds excellence at the Stollery Children’s Hospital. Excellence comes in many forms: specialized equipment; sub-specialty education to train the brightest medical minds; research to discover new treatments and cures; and specialized pediatric programs that improve family centred care, and patient and family outcomes.

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